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Injury Biomechanics Expert

Louis Draganich, PhD, provides consultation, testimony and trial support in the biomechanical engineering of injuries, accident reconstruction, failure analysis and clinical orthopedics. Both plaintiffs' and defense attorneys have retained Dr. Draganich for cases involving wrongful death, premises liability, personal injury, products liability, medical malpractice and criminal acts.

Dr. Draganich was Director of Orthopaedic Biomechanical Engineering at The University of Chicago for 22 years. He retired early from the University with Emeritus status to focus on Draganich Consulting. He has 37 years of academic experience in biomechanical engineering and orthopedic research, 13 years as an industrial consultant in biomechanical engineering and 20 years as a biomechanical expert. Download Dr. Draganich’s CV in PDF format.

Questions addressed - What does the injury pattern reveal about the cause of the injury? Is the injury pattern consistent with the incident described? Was the sporting or industrial equipment defective? Was failure of the orthopedic implant due to the design of the device, trauma or improper surgical technique?

Commendation - Attorney

Dear Dr. Draganich: I am writing to inform you that the jury returned a verdict in favor of the ... I believe that this outstanding result was due in large part to your testimony at trial. I was truly impressed by your level of preparation and attention to detail. More importantly, I have put many well-qualified experts on the stand over the years who were unable to effectively communicate their opinions to the juror. Your demeanor on the stand and your ability to communicate very complicated material to the jury sets you apart from most experts. Your ability to handle the defense counsel's cross-examination was the highlight of the trial. I look forward to working together again and if any of my colleagues are ever in need of a biomechanical expert, your name will be at the top of my list. Thanks for your assistance.

More Information

Dr. Draganich has been retained by attorneys for impact matters resulting from motor vehicle accidents, amusement park accidents, construction accidents, criminal acts, diving accidents, elevator accidents, industrial accidents, maritime accidents, medical devices, playground accidents, railroad accidents, shaking baby, sports accidents, trampoline accidents and slips trips and falls. These accidents have included traumatic brain injuries, whiplash injuries, cord injuries, ruptured discs (herniated discs injuries), rotator cuff injuries, shoulder injuries, leg injuries, knee injuries, ankle injuries, foot injuries, and orthopedic implants failures.